Certified Framers

Bradley's Master Certified Picture Framers

Bradley’s Art & Frame employees Lucy Quay, Stephen Gase and Jennifer Robey are Master Certified Picture Framers.

As far as we know, Bradley’s Art & Frame is the only frame shop in the country that has three Master Certified Picture Framers on staff. Jennifer, Steve, and Lucy passed their test on the same day. They each had four pieces to frame. These were dismantled and critiqued by the judge’s panel. Then each was given another piece of art to frame within a set time period under the watchful eyes of the judges.

Pat and Bill are Certified Picture Framers. The CPF designation is achieved by passing a 150-question test covering all aspects of picture framing.

Conservation and preservation is our primary responsibility. We expect our work to be so well-designed and constructed that it will last indefinitely. Proper conservation begins with the choice of acid-free, non-invasive materials. Reversible mounting methods are considered carefully. Bradley’s sales/designers are always happy to discuss exactly what techniques will be used with your art. Bradley’s Art & Frame unconditionally guarantees our quality and your satisfaction.